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Our Process


The first step is to define the project scope, do some research, brainstorm, and set the mood for the project.


Then it's time to get creative and sketch up the ideas, build the design, and answer any questions you may have.


Now it is time to meet, proof and refine the project. We then make changes and make sure we have met our goal.


Now is the time to deliver the final project make sure our customer is happy and celebrate the end result with them!


Design Services

»  Visual Identity & Branding
»  Graphic Illustration
»  Digital Content Creation
»  Sales Collateral
»  Event Marketing & Advertising Solutions

»  Custom Invitations & Announcements
»  Promotional Merchandise


White Paw Studio has more than 15 years of experience in Graphic Design, Marketing, Branding, and Vector Illustration. We offer broad client support from large enterprises to locally owned businesses, special events, and promotional efforts for community organizations.

We are trusted to skillfully take an early concept to an expertly executed final product. White Paw Studio creates with a purpose and delivers professional, fun, and functional designs.


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